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Plant-Based Products

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Our superfood, protein blends and minerals are like
nothing you’ve experienced.

Plant-based, vegan, keto and paleo superfood products with a precise blend of raw organic ingredients to make the most powerful combination of super nutrients possible.
Truly a perfect recipe for natural health and energy.

In search of real answers to health problems, we found Mountain Family Wellness and the Energy Food formula, now called Total Health unflavored.

This formula returned a vibrancy, focus and energy that we couldn’t find in existing products. We founded this company after obtaining the Energy Food formula. Hopefully you will experience and discover your best self too.



We know it is difficult to get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins needed in a day. We have what you need for Total Health.

Each Balanced Greens product is formulated to feed your body the fuel to run in peak condition. This potent blend of ingredients was not designed to simply add fruits, veggies, superfoods to your diet.

Our greens, proteins and minerals were created as a precise recipe for a natural prescription for health. For all ages and any health journey, we aim to give your body back health, energy and vibrant living.


I’m a single mom to a two-year-old boy and I’ve been praying for two years for a solution to my continuous lack of energy, constant exhaustion and overall overwhelmedness. With Balanced Greens I’ve felt consistent energy throughout the day that wasn’t there before and has helped me tremendously to stay focused, keep moving and get what I need done in a day – which makes my emotional and mental self so much more at peace.

Olivia from Denver, CO

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