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Balanced Greens is led by husband-and-wife team and health enthusiasts Richard and Leah Clough.

As parents, grandparents and faithful friends, we value time with our loved ones and nothing provides more time with family than good health and longevity.

About Us

Formulated over 25 years ago by Integrative Oncologist naturopathic doctor Cindy Schmillen. Our products feature the original Energy Food formula, now called (Total Health), which balances chemistry at the cellular level by focusing on rebuilding our mineral reserve that is generally depleted by low mineral foods. Also, Total Health Alkalizes, detoxes and energizes.

“My husband and I have been on your green drink and fulvic spray for about 6 months. I make a batch up for us to drink in 2 servings every day. We have had perfect blood sugar levels for almost 5 months. We also love the energy we get from these products at 70 years of age. Thank you!”Penny, Eugene, OR
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