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Mountain Family Wellness has been the home of the originally Energy Food for 28 years. Second generation naturopathic doctor, Dr. Paul Schmillen and wife Casey still use this family formula to treat patients at their practice.

Balanced Greens acquired the formula 6 years ago, changed the name to Total Health and made the product available to the general public through stores and e-commerce sites.

Mountain Family Wellness

Hello, my name is Paul Schmillen N.D., CNHP; I am a traditional naturopathic doctor who specializes in Eastern and Western Naturopathy and has been doing so for 15 years.
Mountain Family Wellness is a second-generation family operated business that was started in 1990.

Energy Food was formulated in 1990 to fill the gap we found in healthcare supplements. We needed a good multi-vitamin and mineral that would be healthy for the blood and organs, particularly the liver and kidneys. Energy Food was and is formulated to maintain the body’s mineral reserve even if the body’s loss of uptake is slowing. Energy Food helps with repair of tissue, damage and energy loss. One of the biggest users of Energy Food is cancer patients because of its ability to sustain their body while going through treatment.

Dr. Paul Schmillen – Mountain Family Wellness

  • Paul finished his Doctor of Naturopathy in December 2011 from Trinity School of Natural Health.
  • Certified in live and dry blood analysis in 2007.
  • Certified in all 4 levels of Reams Biological Ionization in 2007.
  • Certified in Advanced Meridian Graphing in 2007.
  • Certified in Auriculotherapy in 2013
  • Certified Iridologist in 2007
  • Completed training in phlebotomy theory and technique in 2008
  • Completed training in Cranial Sacral in 2009
  • Certified in Cupping Therapy in 2017
  • Certified in Microcurrent Electrical Therapy and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation in 2018
  • Been a Member/ Board member of the Idaho Association of Naturopathic Physicians since 2005.


Beyond providing rich nutrients, alkalization and detoxification, our concentrated, raw organic products focus to balance chemistry at the cellular level with a wide range of benefits including: naturally boosts energy, helps fight inflammation, regulates blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and more.