Dr. Cindy Schmillen, N.D. Ph.D.

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Dr. Cindy recently sold her practice, (Mountain Family Wellness) to her son and daughter-in-law

A note from
Dr. Cindy Schmillen

My Name is Cindy Schmillen; I am a Naturopathic Doctor in Idaho. My use of the Energy Food started in 1990 after studying about Dr Carey A. Reams (1903-1985), he was a man ahead of his time. Trained in mathematics, biophysics, and biochemistry he made many discoveries in the fields of human health, plant growth, energetics, animal health, and soil restoration. These findings were later codified in an overall view of life and energy known as Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Dr. Reams summarized his beliefs by saying: “God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, and energy is the basis of matter.”

According to Reams, “RBTI offers a way to measure the energy in elements, compounds, and biological systems including humans. The loss of energy in humans is the beginning of disease.”

Our clinic in Idaho implemented research on fruits and vegetables using the RBTI method and found that, most fruits and vegetables are very low in minerals. In affect when you consume low mineral produce, it uses the storage of the minerals from your own body to counteract the poor mineral content in the fruits and vegetables.

Our food should build our mineral reserve not deplete it.

Most holistic doctors agree that all disease is caused by a mineral deficiency.

I concluded that recommending these greens, Energy Food in my patient’s diet will build mineral reserve, which builds health and vitality. When we purchased her formula, we changed the name to Total Health. Her formula has not changed since 1990.

Dr. Cindy Schmillen

Dr. Cindy Schmillen N.D. Ph.D. Credentials:

  • Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition
  • Doctor of Naturopathy
  • Four Year residency with, Dr. Kenneth Slawson, N.M.D
  • Professional Member of Idaho Naturopathic Medical Association
  • Research Associate in Biological Medicine- Occidental Institute Research Foundation, British Columbia, Canada
  • Dark field Microscope Training, Maria M. Bleker, M.D., Essen, Germany
  • Six years German Biological Medical Training, Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D. Lustmuhle, Switzerland
  • Three years and continuing Advanced Computerized Regulation Thermography Training, Dr. Petra Blum, M.D., Austria



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