Balanced Greens Total Health is great for children!

Our Total Health formula has health benefits for your child’s diet for the same reasons it does for you.

Our children need alkalizing and highly absorbent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in their diets to live a healthy and vibrant life. It can be difficult sometimes to make sure our children are eating right, especially their fruits and vegetables. So give yourself that peace of mind each day, we make it easy and affordable.

With Balanced Green Total Health they are not just getting their daily fruits and vegetables, they’re getting some of the most powerful superfoods out there – in very concentrated doses. It does not have to go through their digestive system, but enters the bloodstream in minutes, balancing their chemistry and providing a range of health benefits, including:

 Super charges their immune system

 Calm energy for the day

 Alkalizes their bodies

 Mental clarity

 Helps with sleep

 Support for digestion

 Lightly detoxes their organs daily

Best of all – they like it! When added to juice, diluted juice or smoothies, they will drink it all day long.

Ready to join us in a better life?