Sport Endurance Recovery


Fulvic Acid Minerals

80-day supply

Formulated for

  • Sport Endurance Recovery when used DAILY will not only impact health and increase nutrient absorbency, but effects athletes for stronger workouts and recovery. Experience it for yourself. 
  • Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Support for Joints & Muscles
  • Support Tissue Recovery
  • Super Oxygenated the Blood
  • Lactic Acid Build up
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Faster Recovery
  • Support for Healthy Digestion
  • Support for Healthy Circulation
  • Catalyst – Drives ALL Nutrient Deeper
  • Aggressive Free Radical Scavenger

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This blend is rich in naturally occurring trace minerals and is free of any banned athletic substance. This fulvic acid blend is great for athletes but can also be used by anyone. Fulvic acid minerals are extracted from a humic shale deposit. This deposit is a layer of decomposed plant matter formed from ancient minerals laden plants dating back 75 million years. This fuvic is rich in trace mineral content and trace minerals are the carriers and directors or other nutrients. Our fulvic minerals are produced by a distilled water process, creating Fulvic Acid Minerals. Our fulvic minerals have an absorption rate of 90-98%, double to triple most of the over the counter minerals on the market. Two primary benefits to this absorption rate are: 1) it enhances the transport and bio-availability of other nutrients and 2) it supports the body’s natural detoxification process.

Instructions and Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: Pure Fulvic Acid (Humic Acid) & distilled water
Naturally Occurring: 72 Essential Trace Minerals, all major electrolytes and 15 Amino Acids

Depending on your health, we recommend starting slow and building up to 10 sprays a day, due to detoxing. If you feel healthy, start with 2-5 sprays. If you don’t, start with 1 spray . Build slowly until you reach 5 sprays morning and evening, for a total of 10 sprays daily. When working out, use all 10 sprays together, pre or post., but do take it daily!!! Not recommended to spray in mouth, could effect the enamel over time. Use only in non-chlorinated water, Balanced Greens proteins or green drink. Do not take within one hour of any medications. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Fulvic Minerals also has great topical benefits; this is why it is in a spray.
Topical uses:
All skin diseases – Eczema or Psoriasis
Skin irritations – Hives, insect bites and poison oak
Thyroid health – 1-2 sprays on the neck where the thyroid is located twice a day
Fungus on the feet
Joint support – the effects for joints happen over time, not a quick fix. Using internally has greatest impact
Spraying your face 1-2 times a day for the high antioxidants effect, but close your eyes
Spray your indoor and outdoor flowers and plants, watch them grow and bloom like crazy

Always take the majority of your 10 sprays a day in liquid; the combination of internal and topical use gives the greatest impact.